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  Indvidual and Small-group Instruction for High School Students


Our initiative not only aims to increase the representation of Native American students in AP courses but also seeks to improve their overall success rates. By providing access to rigorous coursework tailored to their needs, DuPont Youth is fostering an environment where all students, regardless of background, have equal opportunities to excel academically.  In addition, we provide Credit Recovery as prescribed by individual high schools.

DuPont uses Adobe Connect software to provide the live remote immersive classrooms ideally suited to the teaching strategies inherent in the Pre-AP program.  Here Ms. Jenkins has prepared her classroom  for Pre-AP Chemistry and is awaiting her students who will appear individually in the classroom able to participate by voice or text with her or other students.

Below is the current list of courses in Du Pont's Advanced Placement program.  Course descriptions are provided by the College Board. 


DuPont also offers a complete set of preparatory AP classes in English, mathematics, sciences and history. Contact du Pont Youth for more information.

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