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Applying to a Two-Year College

What are the challenges in  completing these applications?  Many schools view these as registration documents.  Be sure that you are very careful about the accuracy of the information you provide.  All the schools that we had you consider in this category had an admission rate of 100%.

College App.JPG

Most two-year schools are public community colleges.

Several states have organizations permitting you to file a single common application to several schools. The application displayed here is from the California Community Colleges that represents 116 schools, but it is no longer valid with these colleges requiring that you apply from their sites.

College App.3.JPG

Obviously, the school to which you are applying will receive an official transcript to confirm any of this information.

However, the courses you are currently taking and how well you are doing in them will determine the beginning courses that you will be offered.

College App.3.JPG

The application for financial assistance (aid) is a separate document called a FAFSA. 

At present, the FAFSA is a challenge to complete.  See details in the Money section.


Many states offer Promise Grants which are important sources of financial aid.  

Obviously, check whatever box is provided.

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