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DuPont Youth is a non-profit ESA committed to improving college opportunities for American Indian and Native Alaskan students.


Recognizing that schools with significant populations of these students have committed to the Advanced Placement program, our initiative aims to increase the participation and success of this community using Pre-AP* classes.

By providing these students with the necessary content, skills, and practices early on, this approach not only increases participation but also enhances the likelihood of success in AP courses, thereby improving college readiness and access to higher education for these communities.

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DuPont recognizes that schools with smaller enrollments cannot justify teaching multiple versions of the same classes.  Our initiative provides Pre-AP classes regardless of low-enrollments in live remote immersive classrooms that are required to take advantage of the teaching strategies inherent in a Pre-AP course.

DuPont Youth also supports high school guidance departments by providing personalized research and communication that allows counselors to focus on high value interactions with students.

Here are examples of the work we can do.  There are more details using links below:

  • Assess student records to identify possible colleges and career paths

  • Create an individualized application plan for each student

  • Provide students and families with checklists and timetables for financial aid

  • Assist with FAFSA preparation

  • Produce a detailed plan for first generation students to survive and succeed in their first year of college

* Pre-AP is a registered trademark of the College Board which must approve the use of these courses.

College Board Pre-AP

The College Board believes that all students deserve engaging, relevant, and challenging grade-level coursework. Access to this coursework increases opportunities for all students, including groups that have been traditionally underrepresented in AP and college classrooms. Therefore, the Pre-AP program is dedicated to ensuring all students have the supports to succeed in challenging classroom experiences. Back-mapping from Advanced Placement courses to design Pre-AP classes is an effective strategy for ensuring students are adequately prepared for the rigor of AP coursework.

Applying to Colleges

Searching for a Career

In this area, we supply a background communication to each student with a typical calendar urging students to be very careful to follow it.  Then we update each student about testing dates for the SAT and ACT, if these are required, application deadlines for special consideration for admissions such as early action, requirements for college essays and letters of recommendation to complete the Common App and much more.  Click Learn More to see a student sample.

"Follow your heart!" is often heard when asking others how they choose their future.  While we respect this notion, we use a highly- recommended suite of assessments to provide students with the personal insight that will help them confidently leverage their strengths, plan an educational path, and set career goals.  We caution students to remember that the great majority of us change our major after we begin college. 

Click Learn More to see our communication with a student and instructions as the use of O Net Online.

Completing High School with a Plan

For students who are assigned to us as middle schoolers or as ninth, tenth, or even eleventh graders, we begin with an evaluation of both the work that the student has completed and what your school offers.

Pursuing Financial Aid

First-Generation Students
Surviving and Succeeding
in their First Year of College

Schools and other organizations often offer presentations and workshops to students and their families.  DuPont Youth can communicate the importance of the FAFSA and locate dates and times for these workshops and presentations.

Click Learn More to see a sample of what we use to communicate with a student and their family.

Frequently du Pont Youth will refer to these students as unanchored meaning that they have no adult in their home who has applied to or attended college.  To anticipate some of the situations that these students will need to navigate, we have created a guide that will help.  It is by no means all-inclusive, but should form the basis for others to add to the plan.

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