The Promise: Higher Education Will Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

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        We believe that all students need and deserve personal guidance to
persevere and succeed in using higher education to achieve their career goals.

"Required standardized testing, testing fees, applications to college, applications for student aid, applications for scholarships, teacher recommendation letters, college essays, application fees, it was all too much."


"I had to give up."

- Chicago High School Junior

"I have everything complete except the financial aid. I had not realized the total cost until I had been accepted.  No one really has the time to do this for me"


"I feel hopeless."

-New Orleans High School Senior

Du Pont Youth is a nonprofit educational organization providing professional advisors for students to successfully complete high school, apply to college, receive financial aid, succeed in their first year of college, and enter their careers after graduation. DuPont charges a sliding scale for services based on family size and income to ensure that those with limited resources have access to this support.


The current student-to-counselor ratio in public high schools is 300 to 1.  If the school serves a majority of students of color, the ratio is 350 to 1.


Students receive an average of one hour of one-on-one college counseling during their four years in high school.  Four years, one hour

US Dept of Education: High school seniors who talked one-on-one with a counselor were: 3.2 times more likely to attend college and 6.8 times more likely to complete the FAFSA.

Du Pont's professional team is capable of not only assessing the needs of our students but also responding to them. Our Managing Director has forty years of experience teaching and advising students with different backgrounds and resources.  His students have been accepted by and attended universities such as Dartmouth, Harvard, Howard, Johns Hopkins, Princeton, Stanford, Indiana, Maryland, Virginia and Yale. 

Regardless of the path his students took, he intended as an advisor to make a lasting impression similar to that of your classroom teachers and guidance counselors. 

"I have thought about you a lot over the years. You were instrumental in getting me to where I am today and I wanted to say thank you! You have no idea how often I think about your positive impact on my life. "

- Orthopedic Surgeon, Stanford University, Cum Laude (Undergraduate)

Student Voices

Listen to Fellow Students Urge You to Pursue College

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Our Service Model

Du Pont Youth is a nonprofit dedicated to equity for students pursuing higher education.  We have the ability to be involved in every aspect of a student's development from restoring their academic background to be consistent with their ambitions for career and college to ensuring they have the resources to survive and be successful in the first year of college.  Our fees for personal advising and research are based on a sliding scale reflecting the income and size of your family.  And, if you are a homeless student or an unaccompanied youth, don't hesitate to join by using live chat or email.

We have six service areas that are listed below.  No Talent Lies Latent is an exciting concept under development and there is no charge for the initial five hours.  For the other areas, we charge $180 for five hours which again is negotiable.  Please schedule a free college planning session to discuss fees and the services you need.


Completing High School to

Prepare for College

Applying to Colleges 

and Universities

Succeeding in and Surviving 

the First Year in College

Searching for Careers

and Colleges

Pursuing Financial Aid

No Talent Lies Latent

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Explore on Your Own
Some students may register as DuPont Youth Scholars and prefer to work independently using materials on this website.  No problem.  We'll even provide you guidance by email or chat if you need searches by us to locate additional colleges/universities or careers beyond the ones posted below.

We encourage you to view the Self-Help Guide for Youth Without Homes as it may contain important information that you can use.

Finally, there is a partial list of the courses that we can arrange for you to complete if you need these as credentials but your high school does not offer them.  This will require you to email or use chat with us.

There are almost an unaccountable number of ways for you to become a rocket scientist, a chef, an artist or one of the best surgeons in America.  We should know because we have taught them all.

Find a Career Where You Stand Out.

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A Rocket Scientist at 22, Tiera Guinn Fletcher
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Our mission is to serve teens distinguished by their race, ethnicity, or circumstance who share a dedication to using their talent to secure a rewarding future.

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